Why choose CD Solution?

CD Solution offers exceptional repair services across Quebec and a 90-day guarantee on all our services.

What is the repair process?

Once we’ve diagnosed your device, we’ll contact you. We’ll provide you with the estimated repair costs and get your authorization before proceeding. Then, we’ll repair your device within the next business day. We’ll make sure it’s working before returning it to you.

Once your device arrives at our workshop, the repair should be completed within 2-5 business days. Several factors can influence the turnaround time, including the availability of parts, the approval time of our quote and the complexity of the problem to be diagnosed and repaired.

How long will the repair take?

Once we have your approval, the repair will be done within the next business day.

Will I lose my saved games?

As long as your hard drive has not been damaged, all your backup data will be intact.

Is it worthwhile to repair my device instead of buying a new one?

Absolutely, for two main reasons:
– You’ll save money: repair costs are usually much less than the cost of buying a new device.
– It’s good for the environment: by extending the life of a device, you avoid the environmental impact of disposal and replacement.

What payment methods does CD Solution offer?

Cash, Interac, Visa or MasterCard