5 good reasons to have your smartphone repaired

16 June 2021

If your phone is broken, you might be thinking that buying a new one would be the best option. Think again! There are several reasons why it is better have your phone repaired than buying a new one.

Reason #1: it’s more ecological!

The planet will thank you if you decide to have your smartphone repaired rather than throwing it away and buying a new one.

Unfortunately, not all phones are recycled appropriately. Some of them end up in landfills and create what are called e-waste. These pollute the environment and that is why repair your phone is the best option!

Reason #2: you will be able to keep all your data and photos!

By choosing to have your device repaired, all of your data is kept on your phone in most cases. You can therefore find a phone like new without having to reinstall all your applications, while keeping your photos and data, such as your saved passwords.

Reason #3: to save!

The prices of phones have continued to rise for the past few years. If you want to buy the new iPhone from Apple or the latest model from Samsung, you have to be prepared to shell out large sums, sometimes even over $ 1,000 for a new device.

Having your phone repaired is ofte a fraction of the price of a new phone . You can therefore save by opting for a repair rather than a purchase.

Reason #4: to fight planned obsolescence

Planned obsolescence is an increasingly rare phenomenon in the field of electronics. Parts wear out or break prematurely, forcing consumers to buy a new device.

For businesses, this translates to greater revenue, since their customers have to change phones faster than they should. Repairing a smartphone can therefore counter this trend and increase the lifespan of your device .

Reason #5: because an accident happened so quickly …

Dropping your phone and ending up with a cracked screen has happened so quickly. Small accidents like this are usually not worth buying a new device to replace the broken one.

Whether it is for a broken window, a phone that has fallen into the water or any other accidental event, having your device repaired is easier and less expensive than replacing it.

CD Solution experts to your rescue!

In CD Solution, nothing is stopping us. Our experts will be able to repair your phone very quickly in order to get it back to you as soon as possible. Thus, you will not have to deprive yourself of it for several days!

If you have a phone to repair, contact us for a submission by calling 1 888 632-0683.

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