Xbox Series X repairs: dealing with common malfunctions

11 March 2021

Although the Xbox Series X game console is fairly new, you may encounter a few problems during its lifetime. We discuss a few of them below.


This problem can be solved in many ways. First, check that your Xbox Series X cables are connected properly and are in good condition. Test your console with another power cable to see if yours is faulty.

If your cables are working, then the problem is with your console’s power port or power supply. In both cases, you’ll need to contact a repairman to change the damaged part, as this is a delicate operation to perform.


This problem could be due to your electrical installation. Check your electrical system and make sure it is working. Also, don’t forget to remove the automatic standby in your console settings. This could also be the reason why it turns itself off.

Another possible cause for the console shutting down is overheating. Abnormal fan noise indicates overheating. In this case, make sure that your console is in a dry, ventilated area so that it can properly dissipate heat.

Another reason your Xbox Series X may be overheating is because of a build-up of dust in the console. In this case, you should simply clean your console to remove the dust.


If no picture appears on your screen or you can’t hear any sound, the problem could be your HDMI cable. Make sure your cable is working and replace it if necessary.

You can also connect your console to another monitor to see if your TV is the cause of the problem. If none of these things work, then the problem could be with the HDMI port or another internal component of the console. A certified repair technician can repair or replace the faulty component to get your console working again.


If your Xbox won’t accept game discs or won’t eject them, the problem is a faulty drive. As these drives are very fragile, it is best to go to a professional for repair.

To avoid problems with your drive, insert the game discs properly and do not place any objects on top of the console as the weight could damage the drive.

If the player accepts discs but cannot read your games, there are two possible causes. If your game disc is damaged and scratched, you’ll have to get a new game. If your discs are in good condition, the Xbox lens is broken and will need to be replaced.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to have your Xbox Series X repaired. Our team of experts will find the problem and replace the damaged part quickly.

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